New Year, Same Blog – but better?

This blog was started as part of coursework for Bill Turkel’s Digital History course. I promised myself, that, on completion of that course, I would keep up with regular posts about my research, but, as you can easily see from the number of total posts (8, at this point), I failed to do so.

So, I am welcoming 2013 by a new promise to myself to write weekly blog posts. As I am 5 months away from my comprehensive exams (in sociocultural perspectives in LIS, text-based electronic resources, and the digital humanities) my posts will mostly focus on the various readings I am wandering through from week to week. In order to pay homage to the title How Humanists Read, I will use this space to think about the way my weekly readings link back to the ideas and debates that are circling around the use of text in humanities research at the moment.

For now, however, I ask a question to the many of you who have gone through the comprehensive exam process: What is your best advice, in one short sentence please, about how to get through it with confidence? So far, I’ve got “read somewhere that you are mildly uncomfortable”,  “take breaks to be more productive”, and  “eat well, and get plenty of rest” from various places. Respond here or send me a Tweet at @antimony27 so I can compile a list of ideas to help myself and my cohort through the next couple of months.

Thanks, and see you next… week!